City Council

--Regular Meetings

Please note that due to the COVID-19 health crisis, all City Council meetings are currently being held over the Zoom meeting platform and concurrently livestreamed on FATV at (choose "government channel") and on cable access Comcast Channel 99, Verizon Channel 37.  

Public comments of no more than 2 minutes in length may be submitted to the City Clerk via phone at 978-829-1820 or via email to:

Agendas & Minutes

View recent agendas and minutes

City Councilors at Large

Anthony Zarrella, City Council President

Email Anthony Zarrella
Phone : 203-200-8512
33 Saint Paul Street

Marcus L. DiNatale

Email Marcus L. DiNatale
Phone: 978-790-3595
c/o City Clerk, 166 Boulder Drive

Amy L. Green

Email Amy L. Green
244 Walton Street
Phone: 978-230-1815

Thomas C. Hughes

Email: Thomas C. Hughes
Phone: 978-400-5415
61 Congress Street, 1st Floor

Samantha Squailia

Email Samantha Squailia
Phone: 978-352-0310
225 Scott Road

Ward Councilors

Bernard J. Schultz, Ward 1

Email Bernard J. Schultz
Phone: 978-342-4998
91 Seneca Street

Paul Beauchemin, Ward 2

Email Paul Beauchemin
Phone: 978-345-7010
101 Saint Andrew Street

Andrew J. Couture, Ward 3

Email Andrew J. Couture
Phone: 978-503-2237
64 Farmer Avenue

Andrew J. Van Hazinga, Ward 4

Email Andrew J. Van Hazinga
Phone: 978-342-1306
59 Osgood Street

Marisa Fleming, Ward 5

Email Marisa Fleming
Phone: 978-413-5638
1240 Ashby State Road

Elizabeth R. Walsh, Ward 6 & City Council Vice-President

Email Elizabeth Walsh
Phone: 978-345-4526
161 Boutelle Street

City Council Petition

To file a petition with the City Council, it is suggested that you contact your Ward Councilor for specific ward issues or any of the Councilors at-large for City-wide issues. You may also file a petition on your own. Petition forms are available in the City Clerk’s office.

City Council Records

City Council records that are kept in the City Clerk’s Office:

  • Annual Reports
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Orders
  • Ordinances
  • Petitions
  • Resolutions