Lodging House


  • All applicants must seek approval from the appropriate Boards and Commissions before a Board of Health (BOH) permit can be issued. 
  • All applicants must apply for a Certificate of Occupancy from Building Department. 
  • All applicants need to apply for an Inspection Certificate from the Building Department in order for the Board of Health to issue a license to operate a lodging house. 
  • Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, four or more unrelated persons living together constitute a Lodging House and require a Lodging House License. 
  • Annual Fee: $ 50.00 
  • Lodging houses require inspections by the Board of Health twice annually. Applicants are required to make appropriate arrangements for inspections of all areas of the dwelling including private rooms with advanced notice of inspections per applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Lodging House, House Rules must be in writing in accordance with the City of Fitchburg Board of Health Lodging House regulations with a copy submitted to the BOH along with the application for permit.

Application Form for a lodging house license

Lodging House License Application

Lodging House Regulation

The current Lodging House regulations were adopted in August of 2011.  Below is a link to the document.
Lodging House Regulation