Notary Services

The City Clerk’s Office offers Notary Services for certain documents during open hours for $1.00 per seal. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM unless closed for holidays or special events. 

The City Clerk's Office is not bonded to provide notarization of legal documents such as wills or testaments, foreign language documents, CORI forms, travel consent forms and certain types of employment related documents such as an I-9 form.  Individuals seeking notarization of these types of documents should consult a paralegal or attorney who is also a notary.  

Individuals seeking Notary Services should arrive with all necessary documents prepared and all required signatorys present. This includes: 

  •  Any signatory(s) to a document(s) presented for notary service must provide a valid, government-issued photo identification; 
  • The document presented for notary service cannot be pre-signed or dated; 
  • All signers to the document presented for notary service must be present to sign so that the Notary can witness the signature during the notarization process; 
  • The document presented for notary service must contain the appropriate Notarial Statements in accordance with State Notary Public procedures; 
  • Be aware that some documents require witnesses as well as a notary, if your document requires witnesses you must bring the required number of witnesses with you when you appear at our office. 

 City Clerk staff, under their authority as Notaries Public, may decline to notarize any document which they feel asks them to attest to something they are not comfortable doing so. Examples of this are , but are not limited to, asking the Notary to attest to a Principal's (a/k/a signer's) state of mind, stating the Principal is in good health, attesting they personally know the Principal.