Tool Lending Library

Fitchburg residents can borrow from a collection of garden tools for one week.  You may borrow up to six tools at a time.  You must sign the waiver,  and bring the tools back in good condition.

 Present your library card to the Circulation desk and we will retrieve the tools for you.  

Tools available:

  • Brooms (regular and push)   
  • Hoe/cultivator   
  • Lawn Edger   
  • Paint Scraper   
  • Pitchfork   
  • Posthole Digger   
  • Rakes (leaf and garden)   
  • Scoop   
  • Shears (hedge and pruning)   
  • Shovels  (different kinds)   
  • Spade

Tools are loaned for a seven day period to Fitchburg residents only. A $5.00 per day fine is charged for every day the tools are returned past due. Replacement costs vary if lost or damaged. All the rules and procedures for tool borrowing, and the waiver form can be found here.